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Welcome To St.Ann's College Of Education (Autonomous)

St.Ann’s College of Education is a Catholic minority Institution managed by the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann whose Generalate is in Rome. It is aff- iliated to the Osmania University and receives grant-in-aid from the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The Sisters of St. Ann work in various parts of the world in Italy, India, U.S.A., Mexico, Philippines, Came- roon, Brazil and Peru. It offers its services in educational institutes, in hospitals, dispensaries, homes for the aged, destitute and disabled, in social and technical institutes, in parishes, orphanages and boarding homes. This college was founded in 1966 as the first fully aided college exclusively for women in the Telengana area. It began in a modest way being housed in rooms leased from St. Ann’s School. With grants from the Dutch Foundation, CEBEMO, and contribution from the management a large spacious and well-designed two storey circular building was constructed in 1976.